Anfenson Family Reunion

Maple Grove -- Brookside Park -- Ames, Iowa

Sunday -- July 21, 2009

Anfenson Siblings

Left to Right

Donna Kay [Simpson], Kenneth, Beatrice [Purvis/Markley], Harold, Marie [Fisher]

Sisters, Daughters, Granddaughters and Nieces of Beatrice Anfenson/Purvis Markley

Left to Right -- Relation to Beatrice in brackets:

Donna Kay Anfenson Simpson [sister], Beatrice, Virginia Purvis Janssen [daughter], Jeanne Purvis Bohning [daughter], Loma Fisher Shipman [niece], Phyllis Purvis Webb [daughter], Joan Purvis Helland [daughter], Marie Anfenson Fisher [sister], Debbie Helland Engle [granddaughter]

Donna at 1122 Garfield, Ames, IA. This is the location of her childhood home. The house she grew up in was torn down. The house that is presently on the property was moved there after Donna grew up and moved to California. The two trees by the driveway were there when Donna was a child.

Anfenson family at their place at 1122 Garfield, Ames, IA. Circa 1955

Left to Right

Donna [daughter], Beatrice [daughter], Howard [father], Cordelia [mother], Kenneth [son], Harold [son]

Ames Reliable Feed Mill -- Ames, Iowa

Donna's father worked at this mill. He worked in the "scale shed" which is the covered area behind, and to the right of, the black BMW. The mill is no longer in operation.

Stopping at Casey's along Highway 30 in Western Iowa on the way from Ames to Oklahoma City

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