Ice Storm December 20-21 2013

Pictures showing damage to K5RKS antennas

Overall view of K5RKS antenna system.

Tower was cranked down about halfway prior to storm. After the storm the tower was frozen so that it could not be cranked either up or down. The long elements on the Cushcraft ASL-2010 are sagging quite a bit. In the foreground, is the lot to the south of us which has been vacant since we moved here in Dec 2004. Finally, we are going to have a next-door neighbor.

The upper wire is a part of the radiator for the 40 meter "Inverted-V" dipole. The lower wire is a closeup view of a section to the 30 meter "Inverted-V" dipole. Both dipoles share a common feed point at a balun which normally is hung off a horizontal bar from the top of the tower. Due to the storm, the balun was torn loose from the tower causing the wires making up the dipole to crash down. Notice the ice that covers the dog bone insulator which is at the end of the radiator wire on the northern end of the 30m dipole.

View showing balun torn loose from mounting position at top of tower. Evidently the weight of the ice on the wires making up the 30 / 40 meter Inverted-V was sufficient to cause the rope to break which was holding the balun to the horizontal bar at the top of the tower. The heavy black cable going to the balun is the coax.

View looking northwest

View of tower from the south. The wire covered with ice in the foreground is part of the southern half of the 40 meter dipole. The wire is 12 gauge copper wire with black insulation. The diameter of the ice encased wire is about 3/4".

Updated - December 21, 2013