Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico

The Preston Monument at the OK-CO-NM tripoint

This monument is located at the NW corner of the Oklahoma Panhandle. It is at the north end of the Cimarron Meridian which defines the boundary between the Oklahoma Panhandle and New Mexico.

The WGS 84 coordinates of the Preston Monument are:
N 37 deg 00.008 min
W 103 deg 00.140 min

Looking west along New Mexico - Colorado border

Looking north into Colorado

GPS at Preston Monument

Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico

USGS Horizontal Control Station "Texhomex" at the OK-NM-TX tripoint

This monument is located at the SW corner of the Oklahoma Panhandle.

The WGS 84 coordinates of the Texhomex bench mark are:
N 36 deg 30.027 min
W 103 deg 00.146 min

Looking north -- Picture taken from Texas; truck is in Oklahoma


GPS at Texhomex bench mark

Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas

Visited on June 15, 2009

The tripoint location is marked by a metal tablet in the road. The windmill with signs designating the names of the three states stands on the north side of the road adjacent to the tablet

The WGS 84 coordinates of the OK-CO-KS tristate point are:
N 36 deg 59.585 min
W 102 deg 02.526 min

Julia is standing on the tablet. The camera is pointing northwest.

GPS at OK-CO-KS tablet

Closeup view of tablet in middle of road

Looking east

Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri

Visited in October 2004

Looking north -- The stone cairn is a witness post. The actual tripoint location is in the middle of the road inside the area surrounded by the wooden railing.

Detail of tablet at tripoint

Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri

Visited in May 2009

This monument was located in 1823 as the SE corner of Missouri. The monument has been refurbished several times since then including in 1915 and 1955. The crude looking stone shaft in the middle of the monument is the original 1823 marker.

The WGS 84 coordinates of the SE Corner of Missouri are:
N 36 deg 29.970 min
W 94 deg 37.072 min

Looking northeast into Missouri from Oklahoma

View of monument looking SW

Closeup of original portion of monument

GPS at monument

Updated -- 27 May 2010