Factory Delivery of Corvette -- National Corvette Museum & General Motors Corvette Assembly Plant, Bowling Green KY

These pictures document our trip to Bowling Green, KY to take delivery of our new Corvette at the National Corvette Museum. The Corvette Museum is across the street from the General Motors Corvette Assembly Plant. Our delivery day was Monday, February 25, 2008. In the morning Susie Grant, our Corvette Museum Car-Delivery Hostess, gave us a personal guided tour of the Corvette Plant. In the afternoon, we set down with her and went over some paperwork. Then she took us to our car, which was behind the velvet ropes in the delivery area in the musuem, and went over the car with us. Then she drove our car out of the museum, parked it in front, and handed us the keys.

Parthenon, Nashville TN -- We visited this on Sunday evening after picking up our rental car at the Nashville airport

Donna in "shotgun seat" as Susie drives our car out of the delivery area at the Corvette Museum

Sign by our car in the Corvette Museum

Factory "buildsheet"

Susie turns our car around after having backed it out the freight door of the museum

We are ready to go!

In front of the digital sign -- main entrance to Corvette Assembly Plant

Arrival at home on Wednesday, February 27. Our new Vette now has 871 miles on it.

Updated -- 19 Dec 2019